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Ray Stoddart Shield T20
Senior Grade
Stage 2 Junior Cricket
1 Mobilia, MichaelWanderers Cricket Club660
2 Williams, TaureanMines Cricket Club660
3 Thomason, David JWanderers Cricket Club570
4 Huckle, PaulMines Cricket Club420
5 Wessels, KobusPort Hedland Cricket Club370
6 Thatcher, JoshWanderers Cricket Club200
7 Barter, WayneMines Cricket Club010
8 Hamilton, ArronPort Hedland Cricket Club650
9 Mason, Samuel DPort Hedland Cricket Club570
10 O'Grady, TobyPort Hedland Cricket Club010
11 Ams, ChrisPort Hedland Cricket Club010
12 Patel, YogeshSouth Hedland Cricket Club450
13 Paterson, Nicholas NWanderers Cricket Club460
14 Wichura, ChrisWanderers Cricket Club570
15 Case, JohnMines Cricket Club010
16 Standen, Joshua JWanderers Cricket Club770
17 Bloxsidge, MatthewWanderers Cricket Club440
18 Forrester, Michael MWanderers Cricket Club110
19 Stobie, EthanMines Cricket Club220
20 O'Dea, JarradPort Hedland Cricket Club680
21 Havers, GregoryWanderers Cricket Club650
22 Morrissey, TroyMines Cricket Club370
23 Beach, DarrenMines Cricket Club340
24 Stokes, WayneWanderers Cricket Club670
25 Stokes, WayneMines Cricket Club100
26 Hackshaw, Jayden JWanderers Cricket Club110
27 Smith, NeilMines Cricket Club460
28 Wilmot, JulianSouth Hedland Cricket Club120
29 Duvvuru, SumeshSouth Hedland Cricket Club100
30 Smith, NathanPort Hedland Cricket Club340
31 Huckle, PaulMines Cricket Club100
32 Bottomley, JoelWanderers Cricket Club100
33 Bigmore, RobertMines Cricket Club360
34 Florence, JoseSouth Hedland Cricket Club220
35 Dans, PeterMines Cricket Club020
36 watson, bryce bPort Hedland Cricket Club330
37 Jessop, LukePort Hedland Cricket Club650
38 Andrich, AaronMines Cricket Club100
39 Riseley, TrentMines Cricket Club310
40 Steel, RyanWanderers Cricket Club440
41 Carlse, ReynardtWanderers Cricket Club530
42 Wilson, CraigMines Cricket Club010
43 robertson, glenPort Hedland Cricket Club760
44 Zaman, InayatSouth Hedland Cricket Club550
45 Ibbotson, Ryan KPort Hedland Cricket Club680
46 Kalzee, Izzy MMines Cricket Club620
47 Ross, Martin DWanderers Cricket Club350
48 mcnaboe, andrewWanderers Cricket Club420
49 gifford, brendenMines Cricket Club440
50 Briody, Chris TPort Hedland Cricket Club570
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Total Records: 119   Page: 1 of 3   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3]>Next
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